LETTER:Freedom of speech

Our Founding Fathers were very wise and generous in the type of government they gave us.

They gave us a government that was of, by, and for the people.

This was a revolutionary step up in government in comparison to previous governments which predominantly had been led by a small group of people who were royalty, religious leaders or dictators who ruled over the people for their own advantage, profit or who just loved power.

Our freedom of speech to voice differing opinions has promoted thoughtful solutions to our always changing world.

Now our free speech rights are being threatened by some.

This happened recently in Sequim and made the news on television.

Mayor Armacost was seen in Costco wearing a T-shirt with strong views written on it.

These views were not politically correct.

But he has every right to do this, the same as you or I.

But many other people were no happy about this.

An angry lady from Sequim appeared on a Seattle TV news station and stated that the mayor has to pay the cost for displaying his opinion.

A cost.

Our constitutional protection of free speech is being replaced by extremists who want to punish anyone who voices a differing opinion.

If we keep eroding our constitutional freedoms we will soon be just another country ruled by a small number of people who will rule over the people for their own advantage, those who love power.

John Usher

Port Angeles

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