LETTER:CCA an investment

I support the Climate Commitment Act (CCA), and here’s why.

Many of our communities suffer from the effects of carbon pollution, including hazardous air quality from co-pollutants such as PM2.5 and their impacts on public health.

The CCA, a cap-and-invest program that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Washington’s largest carbon-emitting sources, will also directly benefit those communities overexposed to air pollution from those industries.

Yes, CCA costs consumers at the gas pump.

Given my family’s driving pattern, CCA will cost us an average of about 75 cents per day.

We consider the cost to be an investment in creating a cleaner future.

I want to thank Reps. Mike Chapman and Steve Tharinger for helping make this act become a state law.

An overwhelming majority of Washington voters support state measures to cut carbon pollution and to clean up air quality.

Local city and county officials also acknowledge that addressing climate change is essential to the sustainability of our communities.

Clean energy is arriving faster than you think.

Even in areas dominated by the oil and gas industries, our country is pivoting from fossil fuels toward more energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The choices we make today shape our tomorrows.

By reducing our current carbon impacts with measures like the CCA, we can create a more sustainable world for ourselves.

And future generations will breathe cleaner air as a result.

Phil Lusk

Port Townsend