LETTER:Arts and events hall

How sad it is to see the money willed to the city of Port Angeles to make an arts and events center being used how it was used?

Instead of using the money that was given, the city came up with an even greater idea: Hey, let’s get more free money to add to it so it is even a greater building.

And there it sits, half done.

Tell me why they had to make it twice what they received to make it even nicer?

We, the city, could have used the money they received, used volunteers to build this like the kids’ park by Civic Field.

But no.

Some genius figured how to get a grant and make this over-the-top building and they even screwed that up.

If I were this gal, I would be rolling over in my grave.

And if I were her family, I would be so angry.

Volunteers could have had this building up and running by now.

And how much more would it mean to the community if it was put up that way?

Greg Wahto

Port Angeles

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