LETTER:A place to live

I was lacking understanding on one aspect of homelessness until recently a friend has been looking for an apartment or home here.

He’s from here too.

If you look in this paper at places to rent, you’ll find two advertised.

If you look up vacation rentals for Clallam County, you’ll find 477.

People are buying up houses as investments and renting on a daily basis.

Can you blame them really?

Long-term renters have been able to just not pay rent due to COVID-19.

If you find a home to buy, you’ll be in a bidding war with the flippers and Airbnb investors.

If you find an apartment, there will be a line of people waiting for a chance to rent it.

If someone with cash money has a difficult time trying to buy a home or rent an apartment, what chance do homeless people have of ever getting out of their situation?

Mark White

Port Angeles