LETTER: Writer’s critique of Neal’s column misses the (funny) point

I would like to add my voice to the millions of other readers who no doubt did a double take after reading the June 2-3 takedown of good fellow and Peninsula Daily News Wednesday columnist Pat Neal [“Pat Neal critic”].

This writer’s serious.

For me, top of the Commentary page Wednesday where Neal’s column runs is a high point, wedged in between endless tragic accidents, dismal court cases, fallout of the day from Trump and Co. and the Pollyannish, science-free weather “reports.”

Your average trout or salmon has more sense of humor than this poor soul.

And the bull trout — these fish frequently bend over double, laughing at the sheer irony in their lives.

Pat probes the absurdities of human antics, smug superiority and dogmatic beliefs.

All well occupied with local history and anecdotes.

Nobody is speared alive or bludgeoned, merely lampooned.

And I’m pretty sure the state bureaucrats, know-it-alls and “offishials” are all themselves laughing — all the way to the bank.

Not the riverbank.

Maybe the delicate reader is right, though.

Maybe the PDN should make over the Wednesday Commentary page by doubling down with a double-downer double-feature starring shallow Thursday columnist Cal Thomas and mean, malicious, malcontent Friday columnist Michelle Malkin.

That would surely change the tone, possibly to the writer’s liking?

Depressant Cal and flamethrower Malkin might bring a needed new low point to the middle of the week.

Among the few things sadder than human-on-human violence and hatred, plus ongoing endless injustice in our world, is a human born bereft of any sense of humor.

Tom LaRue,