LETTER: Why promote confusion?

Sometimes I feel like I’m back in third grade. I say this because of the frequent accusations scattered across Facebook by opponents of the Sequim Good Governance League’s endorsed candidates. If you believe everything you read, the SGGL is an authoritarian, Marxist organization, hell-bent on destroying the American way of life.

Either these accusers haven’t done the slightest bit of research about the League’s vision and mission, or they are deliberately spreading falsehoods to promote their candidates. Throwing out words like “Marxist,” “Communist” and “Socialist” are just intended to cause confusion and fear.

I question the ethics and agenda of anyone campaigning solely on fear and smear tactics and whether that represents sound leadership and good governance.

Let’s put some facts on the table. The Sequim Good Governance League is a nonpartisan organization that supports Republicans, Democrats and Independents for local elected nonpartisan positions.

We welcome and support anyone committed to the tenets of good governance whether conservative or liberal. This means candidates who represent ALL their constituents and are committed to transparency, accessibility and respect for the opinions of others.

We understand that democracy can only exist in a country with at least two functioning political parties. Anything less leads to authoritarian, dictatorial forms of government, whether it be current day Russia, North Korea or Nazi Germany.

And, by the way, there have never been “Marxists” on the board or in the leadership of the Sequim Good Governance League, something easily discovered by a brief perusal of our website.

Dale Jarvis


EDITOR’S NOTE: Dale Jarvis is the treasurer of the Sequim Good Governance League.

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