LETTER: Vote no on gun control, carbon tax initiatives

Gun control advocates keep trying to get “commonsense” laws passed.

They use fear and emotion to get the government to strip citizens of their rights.

They want the voters to believe that requiring citizens to keep their weapons locked up will keep everyone safer.

Will the criminals obey this law?

Criminals will know that they can break into a house without fear because the residents will have to get a safe open before they can defend themselves.

This initiative does nothing to prevent mass shootings.

It only restricts citizens and makes criminals of those citizens when they fail to abide by the new requirements.

Initiative 1631 is a money-grabbing effort that will not likely affect air and water quality as alleged.

They want you to believe that their selected sources of greenhouse gas emissions will willingly pay the fee and not pass it on to the consumers.

It will cost you more at the gas pump.

Fuel, food and consumer goods will cost more as delivery costs escalate.

The state, county, port, city, PUD and school districts will require more funding to pay for increased fuel costs.

The fee will stop increasing, except for inflation increases, once the state has reached its 2035 goal of reducing emissions to 1990 levels.

Meanwhile, the state population will have increased, making it unlikely that 1990 levels will ever be reached.

Plan on paying for a long time.

Dave Reichl,