LETTER: Traitors to democracy

After watching the first day of the Jan. 6 committee investigation, it became obvious, if it wasn’t already, that there were no love and kisses going on between the rioters and the police officers defending the Capitol as claimed by Trump.

This was only the second time that our Capitol was breached in the history of this country.

The first by Redcoats in 1814 and then, on Jan. 6, by an unruly mob of Trump supporters.

The full meeting was aired on CNN and to my surprise, also on FOX.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to spread his vicious anti-democracy garbage and, unbelievingly, his followers are spreading it further.

Has common sense completely been erased from these people’s minds?

Now, I see several flags being flown around the county advertising Trump 2024.

Those people should be ashamed of themselves for displaying what comes down to anti-democratic sentiments.

They are displaying the worst of us, not the best.

I have news for you people.

There are more of us than there are of you.

Just like Ronald Reagan said to the Russians, “Take down that wall.”

I say, take down those flags that represent a stain on democracy.

One of the officers said during his testimony that, according to the law when someone hires a hit man to take someone out, not only does the hit man go to jail but so does the person who hired him.

I’m all in on that.

Long live democracy, long live the USA.

Stan Riddle