LETTER: Save your tribe

We are the indigenous people.

Years ago, when the European settlers arrived on what was to become American shores, among other things they brought with them were diseases they carried but had acquired resistance to.

Sadly the indigenous Native Americans, who by most accounts were healthy with few preexisting conditions, had no built-in immunity.

The diseases were novel to them.

Thousands of the original inhabitants died as the new settlers migrated West.

A similar story occurred with the voyages of discovery as ships explored the world, infecting remote inhabitants everywhere they went.

Those inhabitants also reportedly were healthy specimens of humanity and yet the results were the same.

Today the latest disease arrives to all ports of entry by a jet instead of a three-masted ship.

Like in earlier times, we today are confronted by an unseen enemy that does not rest, does not feel, does not respond to prayers and quite possibly is not even aware of our existence.

We are just food to it to be consumed.

Get the shot.

Save yourself and your loved ones and don’t let your own personal tribe fade into history.

Clyde Paisley

Port Angeles