LETTER: Save the Coho

Save the Coho

I was alarmed, recently, to read in the Peninsula Daily News that the M/V Coho will probably not be able to restart service to and from Victoria this year.

If this is the case, I fear Black Ball Ferry Line will have to declare bankruptcy and take the Coho permanently out of commission.

If this happens, I cannot imagine anything more damaging to the economy of Port Angeles.

The motels and restaurants would suffer a devastating loss of business.

Thousands of people would no longer be coming through Port Angeles on their way to Victoria.

I have noticed that the tribe has delayed the start of construction of their hotel across from the ferry terminal.

Who can blame them? There is just that big hole in the ground which may remain there for a long time.

I see little hope that Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, will agree to reopen the U.S.-Canadian border anytime soon.

I hope there is some way the Coho can be saved.

Paul Martin

Port Angeles