LETTER: Realize the real salmon and orca problem is predators

When I moved here after living in Alaska, I vowed I would not get involved in any political upheaval.

So much for that, so here goes.

I was the chairman of the Upper Lynn Canal Fish and Game Advisory Board in Haines, Alaska, for a great number of years.

I finally retired as I felt that myself and the panel were going nowhere.

Columnist Pat Neal absolutely right on your summation of the restoration of our salmon stock (June 12, PDN, “The circus is coming to town”).

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is never going to solve the problem until they realize what the problem is.

After the radical environmentalists got their way and got the seals and sea lions on the protected species list, things started down hill.

It would seem that anyone with half a brain could see what has been happening.

It must of been logging, or a hundred other things that is costing the decline in the salmon stocks?

Draw a picture of a counterbalance with the predators on one side and the salmon stocks on the other.

Keep up the excellent articles and just maybe someone with a brain will read it and change their perspective, but I doubt it.

Gary E. Hess,