LETTER: Pleased state is suing Navy over EA-18G Growler flights

Thank you state Attorney General Bob Ferguson for filing suit against the Navy regarding the degradation their EA-18G Growler jets are causing to the quality of life so many of us enjoy here on the Olympic Peninsula.

Apparently there are individuals in this area who simplistically believe every time they hear a jet noise it’s the sound of freedom.

Some of them seemingly believe the jet noise equates to protecting freedom of speech.

However, most likely the vast majority of individuals in this area are sober-minded enough to realize the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was set in stone in 1791 — more than two centuries before the EA-18G Growler jets were ever a concept.

I thank myself as well, for exercising and successfully defending my First Amendment rights in federal court as a pro-se litigant on a number of occasions.

Furthermore, I’ve met a number of EA-18G Growler pilots stationed at Whidbey NAS and their families were enjoying the tranquility of Lake Crescent right alongside me.

However, those are the pilots who chose to do the honorable thing and leave their jets at home whenever they visit Lake Crescent.

Rick Sindars,

Port Angeles