LETTER: Past Republican officials on current affairs

Let’s peer outside the bubble of current Republican officials to see what some former Republican officials have to say about current affairs.

On climate change: two former secretaries of both state and treasury under Republican administrations, James Baker and George Shultz, say: “Many GOP leaders … deny basic science and fail to offer concrete solutions.”

However, “Our reliance on fossil fuels contributes to a less stable world, empowers rogue petro-states and makes us vulnerable to a volatile world oil market.”

Chinese hoax?

On the 2017 Trump tax cuts that were going to “pay for themselves,” former GOP Gov. Jeb Bush remarks, “Revenue up 3 percent, spending up 8 percent … DC doesn’t care.”

Trump claimed the cuts were designed to help the middle class.

Baker and Shultz get to the heart of the matter: “Voters feel that the American political and economic system is rigged against their interests.”

Make America great again?

Help wanted: a cult interventionist to help our poor captive Republicans escape.

Ed Chadd

Port Angeles