LETTER: Park playground volunteer story shows what’s right about Port Angeles

The Mabrey family is working hard to save a valuable neighborhood asset.

The story about the park on Georgiana Street [“PA Man Spearheads Effort For Playground; $148K In Funds, Labor Raised For Georgiana Park,” PDN, Aug. 1] shows what is right about Port Angeles.

The Mabrey family is a great example of concerned citizens who stepped up when they saw a problem and worked hard to save a valuable asset in their neighborhood.

When it is finished, we will have three great park-playgrounds: Shane, the Dream Playground and Georgiana.

Not only are the Mabreys saving a wonderful park, but by volunteering, they are teaching their young son a valuable life lesson.

Way to go, Mabrey family.

Judy Bickford,

Port Angeles