LETTER: No love from Trump

After reading the letter about voting for Trump over the issue of being Jewish, I must write in reply.

Everyone has a a right or vote and think what they want in America.

But I must express what I know about this issue.

I am Jewish.

My mother was a Hebrew teacher and worked at our temple back east.

My uncle’s uncle wrote the Israeli national anthem.

I have many relatives in Jewish history.

Two of my best friends have been a Catholic and an atheist.

I believe in loving and doing good for all and appreciate these traits in others.

But I see no love, in thought or action, from President Trump.

I have been told, personally, by two of Trump’s followers that, “the Holocaust was a good thing.”

They said that it brought the Jews to Israel so that the End of Days could happen.

I find no love, understanding or goodness in anyone who follows Trump and certainly not kindness to Jews.

The Democrats want to help others which is what I was taught is right.

Judith Winthrop

Port Angeles