LETTER: Morally wrong

I believe a ban on abortions is morally wrong for two reasons.

No one can force me to donate my blood, provide bone marrow or donate a kidney to save someone’s life.

Yet some Americans believe they should be able to force a woman to go through an unwanted pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not a safe bodily experience for many women.

The four most common complications are preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, placenta previa leading to a necessary C-section surgery or severe morning sickness necessitating IV nutrition.

Over 700 women die of pregnancy complications every year in the US.

No one should have the power to force a woman to endure pregnancy and all its risks.

A ban on abortion is also morally wrong because it imposes a specific narrow religious belief on all women.

The view that life begins at conception is a religious belief held only by some.

Many believe conception is not the beginning of life in part because more than one out of every four pregnancies naturally ends in spontaneous miscarriage.

Many Christians, Jews and Muslims believe life begins when the developing child has the capacity to be viable and breathe.

Prior to this point in development, the fetus has the status of potential life.

I believe to force a woman to continue with an unwanted pregnancy is morally wrong, an imposition of a narrow religious belief on all women.

Mary Wegmann

Port Angeles