LETTER: Instant response

Permitting our children in public schools to be slaughtered by some crazed person seems to be what our society now accepts.

The frequency of these events has increased, yet we seem unable to do anything about it.

When possible, some parents remove their children from public schools and home school them or place them into private or parochial schools at even greater cost.

Of course these parents seldom continue to serve on public school boards or similar organizations.

These heinous acts can only be reduced by programs of instant, localized response, not by waiting for police to arrive after the slaughter.

In many locations, there are experienced military veterans with training in the handling of firearms, not teachers who don’t want to do it or are otherwise engaged.

Our will to establish solutions to the carnage we have witnessed is now being clearly tested.

A local choir sings a song titled “The Prayer of the Children.”

It clearly describes their plight.

Glenn Wiggins

Port Angeles