LETTER: Global warming

As we face an unprecedented heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest, it is hard for me to sleep.

And it is not just because it is hot.

I lie awake and wonder what it will take for enough people to stop ignoring global warming.

So many things are happening globally that alarm me, and this current heat wave is the latest.

Sure, I’d like to forget these worries, throw on some shorts, and jump into Lake Crescent.

I’d like to feel that everything will be all right.

But in the news I read and hear about wildfires in California, earlier this year; drought in Madagascar.

And here at home in the Olympics the glaciers continue to retreat.

Our planet is warming up, and human activity is causing it.

In our capital, the Democrats are famous for stealing defeat from the jaws of victory.

But the Republicans are clearly bent on our destruction for their immediate profit.

The budget that Biden tried to pass had included funding for the Green New Deal, which would create sustainable jobs good for our planet.

But the Republicans could not abide taxing the wealthy.

The Republicans are insane and totally insincere about family values.

Any family needs a livable planet.

I am asking you, readers, if you have not already done so, please take a moment and think about what is really at stake.

There is nothing in your life that doesn’t depend on this planet.

So why aren’t we taking care of it?

Dan Burdick

Port Angeles