LETTER: Fears for children exposed to FLASH program in Port Angeles

What stimulates 1,300 people to attend a meeting concerning a proposed medication-assisted treatment center for opioid addiction?

An Aug. 11 article notes a sign outside the building stating “Keep Sequim’s Children Safe. No Drug Clinic.”

Is fear stimulating activism of people supporting Save Our Sequim?

Most adults would agree it is a good idea to keep our children safe.

Most children rely on those same adults to make that happen.

I fear for our children wherever they are exposed to school curricula that promote casual sex and gender experimentation.

The Port Angeles School District is doing exactly that by continuing the FLASH program.

FLASH is an acronym for Family Life and Sexual Health.

FLASH promotes neither family life nor sexual health.

The liberal left have become expert at using words to advance their agenda.

They only care about their agenda, not our children.

Google Robert Epstein and review how his research on how the liberal left is influencing your thinking and voting behavior.

My experience of working with young men and women for 25 years in a residential treatment center for alcohol and drugs is that most women who have casual sex feel sad and ashamed about these relationships while most men who have casual sex become insensitive to the emotional needs of women.

Is your child safe at school?

For more information on the Port Angeles School Board, visit www.roarpa.org and click on news, then PA School Board.

Terry Trudel, MD

Port Angeles