LETTER: Cowards

The Jan. 6th investigation keeps turning up information about Donald Trump that shows how complicit he was in the insurrection and that he knew there were armed insurrectionists ready to storm the Capitol.

So isn’t it time for respectable Republicans to step up and denounce him.

This man is hell bent on destroying our democracy and too many Republicans are complicit with him.

Do you Republican candidates for state office think you could do that?

How about you, Sue Forde?

And you, Brian Pruiett?

And you, Matt Rainwater?

How do you stand on the 2020 election?

How about a woman’s right to choose?

Why don’t you try harder to protect living children who are being slaughtered en mass by idiots with assault rifles and five them the same right to life that you are giving an unborn fetus.

How do you stand on LGBTQ rights?

What about gay marriage?

It’s time for you to step and tell us, the voters, where you stand.

It’s time for you to man, or woman, up.

Quit being cowards just to protect your desire for power.

Trump and his ideology are slowly sinking into the dustbin of history and you Republicans seeking office here in Washington will go there with him if you don’t change your ways.

Stan Riddle