LETTER: BLM is a racist, communist movement

From Port Angeles

Black Lives Matter, by excluding lives of members of all other races, is a racist movement.

Muhammad Ali Jr., the son of legendary boxer and civil rights activist Muhammad Ali who stood up against racism throughout his life, recently said that his father would have been against Black Lives Matter, according to the New York Post.

He called the movement “racist” and the protesters “devils,” the Post said.

BLM is not only racist but also communist.

The movement is led by self- avowed communists.

Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter co-founder as shown on the blacklivesmatter.com website, said herself that she and BLM co-founder Alicia Garza are “trained Marxists.”

The systemic racism of white police officers engaging in widespread killings of blacks is a myth.

For sure, among over 800,000 sworn officers nationwide there are bound to be a few bad apples.

But while about 260 blacks are killed annually by police nationwide, well over ten times as many blacks are murdered annually by black criminals.

Black on black crime is the real problem in black communities, and defunding the police will not help.

In addition, a research team led by Charles Menifield, dean of the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University–Newark, concluded that, “White officers do not kill black suspects at a higher rate compared with nonwhite officers.”

In fact, they found that “nonwhite officers kill both black and Latino suspects at significantly higher rates than white officers.”

The report said that. “The killing of black suspects is a police problem, not a white police problem.”

So much for the racist white cop narrative.

Kaj Ahlburg

Port Angeles