LETTER: Black lives matter, too

My husband and I moved here at the end of 2012 for the beauty of the area and its people. I am black. He is white. We are saddened by the misunderstanding of what the words “All Lives Matter” are telling our communities, locally and nationally.

The idea that black people are seen as having a lesser value and importance in our country is insinuated by the words “All Lives Matter.” Let me clarify, surely, it isn’t their intention. However, it suggests we, the black people of our Nation, are equal, garner the same respect, and are considered to deserve the same treatment as our non-black and white brothers and sisters. Sadly, now and since the Nation’s inception, it’s not been the case.

“Black Lives Matter” DOESN’T negate the fact that all lives matter, and it ISN’T stating that ONLY black lives matter. “Black Lives Matter” acknowledges our value, worth, and equality within our great Nation, and states that we stand together united to change and grow this country into what our forefathers intended: One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL. Understand it ISN’T a political movement or statement. It’s a moral one.

Jesus demonstrated this perfectly in the book of Luke: He spoke of his lost sheep parable. When you have a flock of 100 sheep and have lost one, you leave the 99, look for it, bring it back to the flock, and then you celebrate that ALL have been united. Black people have been lost. It’s time that our Nation and the world come together to look for their lost sheep. Let’s reunite the flock because one sheep clearly matters! Black Lives Matter!

Tyrone Beatty

Port Angeles

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