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Hearing issues affect millions of people. Noise pollution, stress, and nutritional deficiency increase the risk of developing auditory problems. According to experts, early detection of hearing problems can prevent hearing loss and impairment.

Neuro Calm Protocol combines rare plant extracts and sound therapy to support auditory health. How does the supplement work? What exotic ingredients are in the supplement?

What is Neuro Calm Protocol?

Neuro Calm Protocol is a one-of-a-kind formula combining the power of natural plant extracts and sound-soothing sounds to restore hearing. The anti-tinnitus protocol claims to fight hearing problems from the source, thus offering long-term health benefits. The formulation is ideal for anyone with hearing problems, including tinnitus, ear pain, inflammations, and hearing loss.

The natural plant extracts in Neuro Calm Protocol augment the health and functions of the various parts of the auditory and nervous systems. It supports proper signal transfer between the ears and the brain, thus improving hearing and eliminating tinnitus. The dietary supplement also nourishes the brain, improves cerebral blood circulation, and can calm anxiety.

The rare ingredients in Neuro Calm Protocol are from reputable sources across the globe. They are all science-based and work to improve auditory stimuli and the entire nervous system. Using the supplement regularly can repair damaged nerve cells, reduce anxiety, and improve overall wellness.

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How Does Neuro Calm Protocol Work?

Neuro Calm Protocol uses various ingredients to improve the auditory system. How does it work?

Develop the Hair Cells in the Internal Ear: There are various hair cells in the internal parts of the ear. Studies indicate that hair cells support the transmission of sound waves to the brain. Some factors, including noise pollution and age, can desensitize or damage the hair cells, leading to hearing problems. Neuro Calm Protocol contains natural nutrients in the correct dosages to improve hearing and signal transmission between the internal parts of the ear and the nervous system.

Improve Blood Flow in the Ears: Neuro Calm Protocol fights the inflammations impending optimal blood circulation in the ears. According to Neuro Calm Protocol., the supplement delivers potent ingredients that optimize blood circulation by enhancing the auditory blood vessels. The nutrients strengthen the arterial and capillary networks, thus increasing nutrient and oxygen uptake by the ear cells.

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Neuro Calm Protocol Ingredients


All the ingredients in the Neuro Calm Protocol are supposedly from natural sources. The different components are clinically proven to enhance auditory health and overall wellness. The active ingredients include:

Yam: Neuro Calm Protocol creator claims the ingredient is a rich source of manganese, potassium, copper, vitamins, and fiber, all essential in augmenting ear health. Yam is a potent antioxidant that can aid the body in flushing out toxins and inflammations. The nutrient boosts brain health and signal transmission. It can alleviate tinnitus and prevent hearing loss.

Neuro Calm Protocol claims that yam can lower unhealthy inflammation. It can boost the regeneration of healthy hair cells in the ear, thus augmenting overall ear health. Additionally, yam is known to improve the glycemic index and blood flow. The vitamins and minerals in the root extract support the uptake of nutrients, enhance capillary health, and eliminate toxins in the ears. Yam and other Neuro Calm Protocol ingredients can improve mental health and alleviate anxiety.

Dong Quai: The traditional medicinal herb is proven to augment ear health in multiple ways. According to the Neuro Calm Protocol, it helps in increasing the flow of blood inside the ear and brain. It supplies the delicate neurons and ear hair cells with nutrients and oxygen. Dong Quai can support heart health by eliminating unhealthy cholesterol. Some studies indicate it can reduce the risk of hypertension.

Dong Quai can also aid in boosting glucose metabolism. It can improve insulin activity and alleviate symptoms of diabetes type 2 diabetes. Additionally, the traditional herb supports male and female reproductive health by regulating testosterone and estrogen levels, respectively. Clinical studies suggest that dong Quai may lower the symptoms of menopause.

Black Cohosh: Numerous studies are showing the effectiveness of black cohosh in boosting brain functions. The nutrient improves the communication between the inner ear parts and the brain. It can strengthen the hair cells in the ear and alleviate tinnitus symptoms. Additionally, black cohosh fights against hot flashes, vertigo, irritability, and nervousness. It can promote calmness and augment relaxation.

Pacific Kelp: The antioxidant-rich nutrient accentuates other brain functions and mental wellness. It improves blood flow by increasing the red blood cell count, delivering nutrient uptake in the ears. The ingredient can lower unhealthy inflammation, reduce anxiety, and combat restlessness. Pacific kelp combines with other Neuro Calm Protocol ingredients to enhance sleep quality and clear tinnitus.

Blessed Thistle: The ingredient eliminates free radicals and unwanted inflammations in the ear and brain cells. Blessed thistle can improve cellular health and slow aging. It can lessen the chance of developing age-related hearing problems. Additionally, blessed thistle enhances blood circulation, relieves tension, and can improve sleep quality.

Neuro Calm also contains damiana, oat straw, fenugreek, l-tyrosine, kelp, fennel, saw palmetto, motherwort, and hops.

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How to Improve Your Auditory Health At Home

  • Protect your ears from noise pollution using earmuffs
  • Controlling the volume of audio devices
  • Relaxing and alleviating stress
  • Exercising the brain
  • Eating healthy antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods

Neuro Calm Protocol Dosage

Neuro Calm Protocol recommends consuming two pills daily, preferably after breakfast. The maker warns against misusing the ear support supplement. In addition, you should use the formulation regularly to start noticing an improvement in the ear and mental wellness.

Customers should use the Neuro Calm Protocol for about three months. Formulated from 100% natural ingredients, the ear support formulation is unlikely to cause side effects. Customers should get medical advice before using the Neuro Calm Protocol.

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Neuro Calm Protocol Benefits

  • Neuro Calm Protocol can augment your hearing capacity and auditory health
  • It can offer antioxidant protection, thus reducing the risks of developing ear infections and complications
  • It can improve the health of the auditory hair cells
  • Neuro Calm Protocol delivers multiple vitamins, minerals, and herbs to boost brain and cognitive functions
  • The supplement may increase mental focus, memory, and learning
  • Neuro Calm Protocol supports healthy blood circulation
  • It can fight and prevent unhealthy inflammations in the ears and brain
  • It may regulate blood pressure and blood sugar capacity
  • Neuro Calm Protocol ingredients can reduce menopause symptoms and aging
  • It supports cellular functions
  • Neuro Calm Protocol comes with sound-soothing sounds, which may boost motivation, sleep quality, and relaxation.

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Pros and Cons of the Neuro Calm Protocol

  • Neuro Calm Protocol is ideal for individuals of all ages
  • It can augment brain and auditory health
  • Neuro Calm Protocol IS 100% natural, non-toxic, and US-made
  • It has zero allergens, including nuts, soy, dairy, and gluten
  • Neuro Calm Protocol eliminates the need for costly doctor’s appointments and expensive procedures
  • Neuro Calm Protocol is available only via the official website
  • Results may vary from person to person.
  • Pricing

    Neuro Calm Protocol supplement and the soothing-sounds digital file are only available through the official website. The seller reduces the price per bottle when you buy in bulk. The sound therapy protocol is available immediately after purchase. You can download the audio on your laptop or smartphone.

    • Order one bottle for $69
    • Order three bottles for $177
    • Order six bottles for $294

    All orders come with free US shipping and are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, please contact customer service for more information about the return policy or any questions you may have.

    • Email: contact@neurocalmpro-product.com


    Neuro Calm Protocol is an all-natural supplement comprising natural ingredients and soothing sounds to improve hearing health. The supplement delivers quality nutrients to restore communication between the ears and the brain. It nourishes the auditory nerves, promotes the growth of the auditory hair cells, offers anti-inflammatory support, and improves blood flow. Paired with soothing sound therapy, Neuro Calm Protocol claims to eliminate tinnitus and restore optimal hearing within a few months.

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