Karen Griffiths

HORSEPLAY: Staying warm and dry for winter rides

SO HOW YA’LL coping with this winter’s long dark, dreary and cold days, along with snow and record rainfall? I used to think the majority… Continue reading


HORSEPLAY: Being responsible trail users

CALLING ALL TRAIL users! Did you know that horses have right of way on all trails? This information is posted on trail literature and websites.… Continue reading


HORSEPLAY: Keeping your horse warm in the winter

DON’T YOU HATE it when you provide a shelter to stand under and your horse chooses to stand outside in the pouring rain? Or how… Continue reading


HORSEPLAY: Do your research before gifting a horse

IT’S THE TIME of year to hesitate, halt and acquire information before surprising your child with the much begged for pony. Yes, it is the… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Riding school connects students with horses

Nonprofit organization OPEN needs help providing hay, feed for horses throughou winter

HORSEPLAY: The 10 essentials just might save your life

GETTING LOST AND disoriented in the mountains is surprisingly easy to do. Living here on the Olympic Peninsula, it’s not unusual to hear of lost… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Clallam Conservation District is here to help

BOY DO I remember well slogging through knee-deep mud during my first winter years of horse ownership 20-plus years ago when I moved with family… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Weaving baskets and friendships together

AN INVITATION TO learn how to make my own basket from an old lariat sounded too good to pass up. So that is why —… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Back Country Horsemen do part to teach kids

IT WAS A beautiful day in Sequim when the 21st Dungeness River Festival took place. Hosted by the Dungeness River Audubon Society on Sept. 27,… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Living Well Farm teaches horses manners

A BEAUTIFUL HORSE with dark coloring was flitting about and prancing around the end of his lead rope as I drove up to the little… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Local riding team wins big at interstate competition

EXCITEMENT WAS IN the air as four riders astride their four prancing horses entered the large indoor arena to ready themselves for their biggest and… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Local equestrian’s second mystery novel coming soon

A DEAD BLOW hammer leaves little to no mark on the surface it strikes. That’s the tag line to Sequim author and competitive endurance rider… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Be cautious if you choose to trim hooves

“OH GEEZE! WHY are my leg muscles and hands so sore?” That’s what I asked myself the other night as I rose from my recliner.… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Rain is good, except during shows

“RAIN, RAIN GO away” is the nursery rhyme that used to come into my mind when it rains on my parade, so to speak, during… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Locals place at interstate meet

SO FAR THIS late spring we’ve experienced many days with wonderful weather to ride in, haven’t we? While I wasn’t able to participate this year,… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Locals compete in Patterned Speed Horse show

IT WAS SO good seeing the old gang at last weekend’s Patterned Speed Horse Show. There, I saw something old, something new, something borrowed and… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Local teens compete at state meet

Strangles outbreak hits Pacific Northwest

HORSEPLAY: Local riders place at equestrian meet

WASHINGTON STATE High School Equestrian Team’s District 4 held its third and final qualifying meet in Vancouver, Wash., last month. Congratulations to Emma Albright for… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Peninsula high school riders continue competing

I REALLY NEED to apologize to all concerned for casting a stone into calm waters. In my March 24 column, I wrote about our local… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Several organizations offer riding lessons

OVER THE RIVER and through the woods to grandmother’s house the kids go for the summer. Now what? It’s time to learn new things and… Continue reading