Jennifer Jackson

Retired firefighter recalls days on the line

PORT TOWNSEND -- In June 1956, Ed Lindsey passed a civil service exam and was hired to be the third paid firefighter in the city… Continue reading

$250,000 grant boosts restoration of old Port Townsend City Hall

PORT TOWNSEND -- The Jefferson County Historical Society has received a $250,000 grant for the restoration of historic City Hall, society director Bill Tennent announced… Continue reading

Chimacum students learn video production from all angles

CHIMACUM -- It is 7:45 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, and people are starting to filter into the studio. Today's project is to film a… Continue reading

Teacher wins $5,000 award

PORT TOWNSEND -- Jim Roberts, a teacher at Jefferson Community School and Peninsula College, has won an Excellence in Education, Environment and Community Award from… Continue reading

Victorian clothing brings historic Rothschild House to life

PORT TOWNSEND -- Stepping over the threshold of the Rothschild House is like stepping into the past. Built in 1868 by a local merchant, the… Continue reading

Jefferson: Easter celebration, eggs weather the weather

PORT TOWNSEND -- Anyone who thinks American kids aren't in good physical shape has never been to an Easter Egg hunt. "We showed up a… Continue reading

Northwest men who dream of rowing from U.S. to England try North Peninsula waters

PORT TOWNSEND -- If they succeed, their names will go down in maritime history as the first Americans to row unassisted across the North Atlantic.… Continue reading

Author Doig talks about writing, filming Olympic Peninsula history

PORT TOWNSEND -- When Ivan Doig read an excerpt from his book, Winter Brothers, most of the audience was already familiar with it. So are… Continue reading

What’s new at Jefferson County Library? Remote book drops, small-business online help

PORT HADLOCK -- In 2004, the Jefferson County Library asked community members what services they wanted. In 2005, library staff acted on those requests. "A… Continue reading

History’s Mystery solved in Port Townsend: The killer was . . .

PORT TOWNSEND -- The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but in the case of "The Brutal Beating of Capt. Henry Tibbals," it's taken 114… Continue reading

Gardiner: Community to decide future of rural cemetery

GARDINER -- It lies just above U.S. Highway 101, an oval-shaped hillside of grass punctuated by gray headstones and smooth brass rectangles. The names carved… Continue reading

History’s Mystery: Victorian Festival brings true crime to life

PORT TOWNSEND -- Down at City Hall, the Democrats and the Republicans are duking it out for power, each party accusing the other of graft… Continue reading

Port Townsend: – PT Rotary clubs help hurricane-hit preschool rebuild

PORT TOWNSEND -- On the morning of Aug. 29, a 35-foot wave of water generated by Hurricane Katrina swept over the Gulf Coast town of… Continue reading

Autocanoe inventor plugs into electric car market

PORT TOWNSEND -- If you've ever seen a Kinetic Skulpture race, you've probably seen John Montgomery or his sons, Gabe and Forrest, pedaling along in… Continue reading

Port Townsend family pets looking for new home

PORT TOWNSEND -- On anybody's scale, Hissta and Axel rank as the ultimate in low-maintenance pets. They only have to be fed once a month… Continue reading

PT gears up for annual Winter Woodstock festival

PORT TOWNSEND -- Love and Peace. A New Dimension. Throw in a pink flamingo, and you have the key to understanding Winter Woodstock posters. "There's… Continue reading

Lantern Festival lights up Chinese New Year

PORT TOWNSEND -- Stars wheeled overhead in the cold night sky, candles glowed in a spiral of light and lanterns shone like the planets. Once… Continue reading

Art Deco Light Museum Opens in PT

PORT TOWNSEND -- The Depression was a dark time in American history. But a museum showcasing light fixtures from the Depression era provides a bright… Continue reading

In-school program scores big with Big, Little Brothers in Jefferson County

PORT TOWNSEND -- At 2 p.m. every Tuesday, Tom Foley leaves his Glen Cove business and drives to Mountain View Elementary School. There, he spends… Continue reading

Port Townsend: First ‘Community Read’ focus is life on the line

PORT TOWNSEND -- It is the fall of 1992, and sports writer Larry Colton has just arrived in a dusty Montana town on the border… Continue reading