Betsy Wharton

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Roasted Brussels sprouts make for healthful snack

BRUSSELS SPROUTS DO well in this cold, dark season of the nearly solstice. Just like the farmers who tend them, they are intrepid. A cold,… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Warm up this fall with curried winter squash soup

NOT WANTING TO be left behind in the tech age, I have been cultivating my cyber skills recently by posting photographs on social media and… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: A friend shares a muffin recipe

ALONG THE TRAIL between Obstruction Point and Deer Park, my friend Candace Kathol pulled out some muffins to share. Exercise, fresh air and beauty do… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: 4-H members offer easy-to-make recipes

IT’S THE END of summer, the grass is dry, and the Clallam County Fair wrapped up last Sunday. Next thing you know the kids will… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Homemade fruit leather makes a good snack

IN HER MOST recent Peninsula Kitchen column, Carrie Sanford shared some great tips for maintaining sanity on a cross-country road trip by being mindful of… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: A salad for all dietary needs

AS THE YOUNGEST of my offspring prepares to fly off into adulthood, there have been a lot of celebratory events this month: last concert, last… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Season ripe for fresh salad

I DON’T KNOW about you, but I could not make myself come inside last Sunday to write up this recipe. It was sunny and warm,… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Food says what you can’t when times are tough

HOW DO YOU show your support when someone is hurting? A death in the family, illness, marital separation, a lost child … it can be… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Time is ripe for home-made dressing

YOUR ASSIGNMENT THIS week is to go outside and look for culinary herbs and fresh salad greens. They are everywhere. Last Sunday, I parked my… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Cure for a cold? Make chicken broth

IS THERE ANYONE out there who hasn’t been the unwitting target of a cough or sneeze recently? It seems that everywhere I go, I encounter… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Enjoy dinner for breakfast

IS THERE ANYONE out there who hasn’t heard about the importance of breakfast? Everyone from your grandmother to your neuroscientist is telling you that eating… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: You are what you eat

THIS HAS BEEN quite the winter for prolonged cold. As I write this, everything outside my house is frozen solid and there has been snow… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Use today as day of post-Thanksgiving reflection

THANKSGIVING SUNDAY, A reflection on this traditional American feast. I grew up the descendant of pilgrims where Thanksgiving always included the story of Native Americans… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Feeling like you’re in a democracy pickle? Try canning foods

Pickling foods can be transformative, just like the democratic process.

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Lamb a tasty burger alternative

Lamb, which can be obtained locally, is an alternative meat for homemade burgers.

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Food opportunities can be found while foraging on land or in the sea

Be sure to leave no trace and cause no damage while gathering food on the Peninsula.