COVID-19 Relief Fund nears $250,000

Large number helped self-unemployed

Generous donations have meant that Olympic Community Action Programs has been able to provide 103 households in Clallam and Jefferson counties with a total of $62,410.67 in assistance.

And you have made sure there is much more where that came from.

As of Wednesday, donors have given $249,549.65 to the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The average assistance per household has been $612, said Audrey Morford, executive coordinator for Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP).

“A large number of people served by the COVID-19 Relief Fund so far are self-employed, unable to work due to the closures and ineligible for unemployment,” Morford said Friday.

“Many others are people who have filed for unemployment but not received it yet.”

In addition, OlyCAP has provided clients with more than $30,000 in energy assistance from other funding sources since the start of Gov. Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order.

The money given in this unprecedented, dire time is invaluable to those who need it.

There is no way to thank you enough. But at least we can let others know what you did.

Here is a list of the donations given to the COVID-19 Relief Fund during the past two weeks.

Name and amount

  • June Sevier, Port Angeles, $100.
  • George and Gwen McAlmond, Sequim, $200. In memory of Ruth and Walter Doyle.
  • Just Dolls of Washington, Port Angeles, $500.
  • Wilma Lambert, Sequim, $600.
  • Lynn Malarkey, Port Angeles, $500.
  • James Armstrong, Port Angeles, $1,000.
  • Deb and Dave Frazier and Leach, Port Angeles, $50.
  • Stan and Sally Garlick, Port Angeles, $200. In memory of Cynthia Little.

Name only

  • Mary A. Kilgore, Port Angeles.
  • Juanita Weissenfels, Forks.
  • Tom and LeAnn Barber, Port Angeles. In honor of Doris Barber and Kenneth Berg.
  • Cynthia J. Johnson, Port Townsend.
  • Michael F. Turner, Port Townsend.
  • Allen Osterberg, Port Angeles. In memory of Rick Parkhurst and Dennis Standley. ILWU Local 27 Sports Committee.
  • Patricia MacRobbie, Sequim.
  • Robert A. Kuhn, Port Angeles.
  • Nancy Anderson, Sequim.
  • Janet Cattano, Sequim.
  • Mary Lowry, Sequim.
  • Nancy D. Davis, Sequim.
  • Edie Stephenson, Port Townsend. In memory of Alaina — my butterfly.
  • Alan and Mary Jo Camagna, Sequim.
  • Frederick Webb, Port Angeles.
  • Ardith Hansel, Port Angeles.
  • Gary and Mary Murphy, Sequim.
  • Jim and Nan Benson, Sequim.
  • Ray Kenoyer, Sequim. In honor of Janet Kenoyer.
  • Carol A. Blake, Port Angeles.
  • Jack and Jennifer Zaccardo, Beaver.
  • Jim and Deb Lindgren, Sequim.
  • Sue and Steve Nylander, Sequim.
  • Jon and Lori Jacobs, Port Angeles.
  • Anne Ricker, Quilcene. In honor of the staff of Hadlock Building Supply.
  • Bob and Karen Walter, Port Angeles.
  • Patrick Plaster, Port Townsend. In memory of Duane Plaster.
  • Tony and Kat Sample, Port Angeles. Thank you to all essential workers and people complying to help others more vulnerable.
  • Jerrie Tiderman, Port Angeles. In honor of Larry Tiderman.
  • Donald Bailey, Port Angeles.
  • Martha Bell, Port Angeles.
  • Keith and Lisa Dekker, Port Angeles.
  • Eve Farrell, Port Angeles. In memory of Dan Farrell.
  • Norma Wiggins, Port Angeles.
  • Al and Kitty Gross, Port Angeles.
  • Steven Blackburn and Ericka and Keith Dahlin, Port Angeles Yacht Club, Port Angeles.
  • Neil and Jaqueline Eklund, Sequim.
  • Hermann and Elsa Laresser, Sequim.
  • Harry and Mary Hebert, Port Angeles.
  • Greg Shield, Port Angeles.
  • James K. Cunningham, Forks.
  • Gary and Vici McLaughlin, Port Angeles.
  • William Laidlaw, Port Townsend
  • John and Nancy Dolansky, Sequim.
  • Anthony and Sandra Lier, Port Angeles.
  • David Tonkin, Port Townsend.
  • Thomas Robbins, Port Angeles.
  • Lawrence Lang, Port Angeles.
  • David and Cindy Bower, Port Angeles. In honor of Marion, JoAnn and Nick Umbarger.
  • Wendy Meusey, Sequim.
  • Carol A. Francone, Sequim.
  • Polly and Terry Lyle, Port Townsend. In honor of all workers who risk infection by doing their jobs.
  • Mike and Ann Nolan, Port Angeles. In honor of Jean Pfeiffer.
  • Sarah Migliore, Sequim.
  • Robert Lewis, Port Angeles.
  • Jo Ross, Sequim. In honor of my 90th birthday! Lucky to live in Sequim.
  • Lynn Hawkins, Sequim.
  • Deborah Frazier, Port Angeles.
  • Janice Wyman, Port Angeles.
  • Kelly Fisher, Port Angeles.
  • Adrienne Ely, Port Townsend.
  • Jo Dwyer, Port Townsend.
  • JoAnne Hughes, Port Angeles.
  • Wayne and Shirley Peters, Port Angeles. In memory of Tonny Thayer.
  • Larry and Loanna Torey, Port Angeles.
  • Barbara LaRue, Port Angeles. In memory of Harry LaRue.
  • Olympic Springs, Inc., Carlsborg.
  • Port Angeles Garden Club, Port Angeles.
  • James Kelly, Port Townsend.
  • Jacque Schaafsma, Sequim.
  • Bonnie Gilstad, Sequim. In honor of Mary and Gil.
  • Ian Miller, Port Angeles.
  • Joseph Tysl, Port Townsend.
  • Bev Smola, Sequim. In memory of Gene and Tom.
  • Rudy and April Hiener, Port Angeles.


  • Port Angeles, $100.
  • Sequim, $50.
  • Port Angeles, $20.
  • Port Hadlock, $50.
  • Port Angeles, $50. In honor of brave and caring essential workers.
  • Sequim, $500. Thanks to federal relief bills.
  • Sequim, $100.
  • Sequim, $1,000.
  • Port Angeles, $200. In honor of the dedicated front line COVID-19 workers.
  • Port Angeles, $30.
  • Port Angeles, $200.
  • Port Angeles, $100.
  • Sequim, $100.
  • Sequim, $70.
  • Port Angeles, $100.
  • Sequim, $20.
  • Port Angeles, $100.
  • Sequim, 50.
  • Port Angeles, $500.
  • Sequim, $300.
  • Sequim, $250.
  • Port Townsend, $500.
  • Port Angeles, $50.
  • Sequim, $250.
  • Port Angeles, $200.
  • Sequim, $500.
  • Port Angeles, $100.
  • Port Angeles, $100.
  • Sequim, $1,000.
  • Sequim, $250.
  • Port Townsend, $200.
  • Port Angeles, $1,200. In honor of and in memory of COVID-19 victims.
  • Port Angeles, $200. For COVID-19 relief.
  • Sequim, $200. In support of essential workers and Gov. Jay Inslee.
  • Port Angeles, $300.
  • Port Angeles, $50.
  • Sequim, $234.85.
  • Sequim, $200.
  • Sequim, $200.
  • Sequim, $250. In honor of Helen McCammon.
  • Port Angeles, $200. In honor of first responders.

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