Find your perfect vehicle at Price Ford

Find your perfect vehicle at Price Ford

Port Angeles auto dealer gets you ready for winter

We all want to do what we can to keep our families safe and comfortable when we’re on the road. As the winter weather sets in, driving conditions become changeable and unpredictable and safe driving can depend on more than the driver — no matter how conscientious they are.

When rain hits the road, oil and water can create a treacherous, invisible slick, making it harder for your wheels to grip, even with the best tires. Likewise, ice and snow affect how your vehicle responds, especially with conventional two-wheel-drive vehicles.

Get a grip!

Price Ford offers a range of vehicles with features like ample seating, great connectivity and the ability to haul a big payload. Did you know that they also offer vehicles with great traction that can help you safely navigate western Washington winters?

Old-school 4X4s meant shifting into four-wheel drive when you thought you needed it, meaning you had to predict what was coming and hope you were right.

“Ford’s new industry-leading technology makes the choice for you in an instant and on the fly, meaning you always have optimal traction no matter what nature throws your way,” notes Mark Ostroot, General Sales Manager at Price Ford.

From the ski hill to the school run, Ford’s Intelligent AWD keeps you and your family on the go safely.

Intelligence and safety go hand-in-hand

Ford’s advanced Intelligent AWD system tracks hundreds of variables thousands of times every second as you drive — rate of acceleration, wheel speed, steering wheel angle, accelerator pedal position, one-wheel slip to name a few — and it adjusts power to each wheel accordingly, no matter the conditions.

Because the system only activates when you need it, it saves you gas by switching to 2WD, giving you the best of both worlds: the traction of a 4X4 and the fuel efficiency of a 2WD vehicle.

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