LETTER:Similar virus

Recent events in two very different societies have revealed a very similar virulent virus that refuses eradication.

The virus is responsible for the repression and subjugation of women and is cultured in the Petri dish of theocracy.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban, recently returned to power after conflict with the West, had made several promises to moderate their previous treatment of women.

These promises focused on more inclusion into many strata of society, education for all, and higher level professions to name a few.

Those promises have been broken and now codified by the recent pronouncement that Afghan women must be covered from head to toe while out in public.

This is the result of the Taliban’s harsh interpretation of Islam and paternalism.

In America, the blurred line between church and state and institutions such as the electoral college have cultured this virus and given the country a conservative majority on the Supreme Court steeped in religious dogma.

This court, now poised to eliminate women’s right to choose their own destinies, will ignore the will of the majority of Americans.

The result will return women to a bygone era of repression and subjugation and change our country to a group of states not united.

Bart Kavruck

Port Townsend