LETTER:Appreciates columnist

In response to the Nov. 8 letter “Dislikes columnist,” I will offer that I appreciate the columns by Mr. Charles Blow.

I usually gain new perspective and a wider understanding of the experiences of others as I read and reflect on his pieces.

I am a woman of European immigrant stock who has never lacked for community support, educational opportunities or work prospects.

While I have at times experienced condescension or have felt dismissed, I rarely have feared for my safety.

Perhaps more importantly, I have not had to worry about my son’s successes in school nor have I feared them being treated unfairly or violently by those in authority.

In short, we have benefited from a society that has been structured to see us, value us and help us on our way to a good life.

Our dominant society is not structured, however, to offer such advantages to all people, especially if they are not perceived as white.

I believe that I am called to love and serve my neighbor, and sometimes that includes the hard and uncomfortable work of looking at things a little differently.

Consider this: we live in a multicultural nation.

What would it be like to learn to value and celebrate each and every person and culture in all their diversity?

It would sometimes be hard and scary, but I bet that it would sometimes be fun, and surprising, and beautiful and certainly would be more productive than ridicule.

Elizabeth Christian

Port Angeles