LETTER: Rescue bill applause

I was very proud to be a Democrat when President Joe Biden signed the pandemic rescue bill.

The new law does far more than give relief for the financial toll felt by many millions of Americans.

It also makes changes and great improvements to efforts to reduce poverty in America, especially for children.

It is estimated that child poverty will be cut in half by the new law.

And changes to Obamacare will make it more affordable for low-income families to gain health insurance.

More than that, the American Rescue Plan signals a new approach to dealing with the nation’s many problems and, of course, a complete rejection of the Trump approach.

The fact that the bill did not get a single vote from Republicans in the House or the Senate speaks volumes about that party’s unwillingness to face the realities of the modern world.

I hope the new law is only the first of several transformative actions by the new administration.

The four years of chaos and lies that ended this past Jan. 20 caused great damage.

I hope those who supported former President Donalid Trump in the false belief that he cared for the plight of the common man will open their eyes and their minds to the changes to come.

Craig Whalley

Port Angeles