LETTER: Lack of action on climate an embarrassment

Pat Buchanan lauds and explains the “rise and welcome reception of the autocrats, the men of action” in his recent column (“Let them howl, Boris” on Sept. 3).

He extols leaders who step on the rights of their citizens because these “men of action” get things done.

At what price?

NOAA warns of a new blob of extreme heat in the Pacific Ocean making its way from Alaska, which broke all records this year for devastating heat.

This system can potentially disrupt marine life including salmon, whales and sea lions, as a similar blob did five years ago, affecting the local economy and causing shut downs of crabbing, fishing and clamming.

The marine ecosystem has not completely recovered, if it ever will — the price paid when environmental policies are eroded to get things done.

Buchanan respects our president who is hard at work relaxing or eliminating environmental regulations, allowing corporate razing of protected national resource areas that will not soon recover.

The greenhouse gases from these activities leads directly to increased climate change.

Climate change is here.

Developed, and many third-world countries, are working against the effects of climate change to protect their people’s futures.

Except the United States.

Buchanan ends by stating the president’s base understands why Trump won’t sit at the G-7 and “… gas endlessly about climate change.”

This statement, and Trump’s action, is an embarrassment to our country and is testament to willful, blind ignorance.

Sherry Schaaf,