LETTER: Keeping his guns

The letter “Second Amendment” (PDN, July 30) is an example of a very common misconception.

Back when the Amendment was written, we had no standing army.

It was necessary for citizens to be able to come together and form a “well regulated militia” at a moment’s notice.

Therefore the people needed to have their weapons handy.

Since we have an Army to defend our country from foreign threats, all I need to fulfill my Constitutional rights are my guns for protection against a potentially tyrannical government.

“Foreign and domestic” seem so be part of the Second Amendment often forgotten.

Ask yourself why it is that before every dictator started exterminating political enemies within his own country, the populace was disarmed.

Then ask yourself why it is that the political left in this country wants to take our guns.

The only way to possibly take guns out of our homes, constitutionally speaking, would be to bring back armories where I can go borrow an M-16 for the weekend to practice.

When the gun control people start pushing for citizens to be able to use actual military weapons, then you’ll know they take the Constitution seriously.

Until then, I’ll keep my guns, thank you.

Mark A. White

Port Angeles