LETTER: Immigration or invasion

President Trump wanted immigration to reflect America first priorities by restricting it to immigrants beneficial to our country, where would-be émigrés bring something to the party.

What a concept.

His “Build America Visa” (BAV) concept prioritized self-sufficient, English-speaking applicants with skills and/or education who would not be a burden to the economy but, rather, a blessing; a help not a hindrance.

Further, he discontinued the prevailing visa allocation system wherein 88 percent of entries were based on family connections/humanitarian purposes with a mere 12 percent allocated to skilled workers able to benefit the country.

You know, like, those who would put something into the pot and not take something out.

Under BAV, 55 percent of visas would go to pot-putter-inners with the rest allocated to the assorted wishers, whiners and wanters that appeared at the border and likely to be pot-taker-outters.

A good start.

Complementing BAV were Trump-initiated “Safe Third Country” agreements with Central American countries requiring asylum-seekers to remain in intermediate countries pending resolution of their cases thereby halting caravans of uneducated, future welfare recipients demanding sanctuary at our border.

Not to mention his “Migrant Protection Protocols” pact with Mexico thereby initiating a shared effort to control our shared border.


Diplomatic coups from the supposedly undiplomatic Trump?

However, immediately upon election, amongst a deluge of decrees, Biden eliminated Trump’s attempts at preserving border security and effecting pro-American immigration but, instead, vowed to increase refugee admissions to “meet global need.”

Prompting the question, will immigration become an invasion?

Or has it already?

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles

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