Young woman missing from Port Angeles contacts Spokane Police Department on 18th birthday

Hannah Hendrickson

Hannah Hendrickson

SPOKANE — Hannah Hendrickson of Port Angeles, who was 17 when she went missing in January, walked into the Spokane Police Department on Thursday and identified herself on the day she turned 18, Deputy Police Chief Jason Viada said.

Her whereabouts were being investigated as a runaway in January and would have been investigated as a missing person when she turned 18, Viada said.

“As of her contact with law enforcement, she is no longer considered a missing person,” Viada said.

“The evidence I have so far indicates that she left of her own free will.

“There is a big however here,” Viada added.

“Anyone who might have unlawfully harbored her while she was a runaway juvenile is still under investigation.

“That investigation does not disappear.

“Throughout this whole time since January, there have been concerns that there were adults that were helping her or harboring her, and those concerns continue.”

Further information on Hendrickson’s current condition, the reasons behind her departure from Port Angeles, or the circumstances surrounding her appearance Thursday at Spokane Police Station were unavailable this morning.

In April, Hendrickson’s grandmother, Jan Hendrickson, offered a $4,000 reward for information that would lead to her return home after Hannah left Jan. 28 with her gray chihuahua and clothing.

“We just want to hear that she’s OK and that she’s OK where she is,” Jan Hendrickson told Peninsula Daily News on April 21.

“Or has something happened to her that we don’t have a clue about?”

Jan Hendrickson told Peninsula Daily News in the interview that not having her granddaughter around was horrendous and that they did know if she was even in Port Angeles.

According to police records, Hannah sent a “manifesto” to Peninsula College saying she left with a friend and had no plans of returning.


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