John McNutt

BACK WHEN: The story of Battling Danny Mathews

I THINK IT is reasonable to say that many people play sports to have a healthy self-image. Some simply love the competition. Others play to… Continue reading


BACK WHEN: People journey to Port Angeles for ‘utopia’

WASHINGTON HAS QUITE a radical history. In 1936, Postmaster General James Farley is purported to have joked that “There are 47 states in the Union… Continue reading


BACK WHEN: Goodbye to the old, hello to the new

I WENT FOR a stroll downtown two weeks ago to have one last close up look at the D.W. Morse Building, known to most as… Continue reading


BACK WHEN: Local history contest encourages youth interest in the past

OUR PAST AFFECTS our present and future. Though we feel the influence, we often don’t see the connections. The Hands on History Contest, sponsored by… Continue reading

BACK WHEN: Marking the life of an area mother

TAKING A STROLL around a cemetery can give you a quiet time for reflection and thought. Turn off the cellphone; reception is kind of dead… Continue reading

BACK WHEN: A new columnist takes the reins

EDITOR’S NOTE: Alice Alexander has retired from writing the Back When Clallam County history column. Taking over her role is John McNutt, president of the… Continue reading