Andrew May

A GROWING CONCERN: Constant vigilance increases garden health

WITH LAST WEEK’S column, I now embark on my third decade of writing about gardening. My first column was published July 2, 1997. So let… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: A theme can pull a yard together

SO IT LOOKS like I have to travel more often. Whereas I just completed my second trip to San Antonio, leaving June 23 to see… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Greek heritage spices up Mediterranean herbs

WELL, HERE WE are, into July already. This is the month of the Peninsula’s largest festival, a botanical one at that (Lavender Weekend is July… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Here’s how to tend to your roses with care

FOR THE PAST two weeks, I have been pushing flowers and their prolific production, so let me tell you of my first job in the… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: How to ‘share the wealth’ of your bounteous blooms

IN JUST TWO days (Tuesday at 9:24 p.m. Pacific time), summer (finally) begins. It is the solstice, and for many of us, it is about… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Ode to the ‘dynamic duo’ of pinching, deadheading

NOW THAT SUMMER is almost officially here and your flowers and plants are finally growing at a recognizable pace, hanging baskets are ablaze with color,… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: With summer nearly here, what’s left to do?

CAN YOU BELIEVE it? June already! With the passing of Labor Day weekend and a rash of sunburn, summer is unofficially here. Your flowers are… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Public gardens a great way to seed ideas for own yard

SURE, THE VERY same weekend I travel to see my elder son graduate from the Air Force’s basic military training, you folks here on the… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Dress your yard to impress with these varieties

THIS PAST WEEK (including Mother’s Day weekend), I’ve been planting an array of cool-tolerant flowers, biannuals and perennials at various clients’ properties. Another truck is… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: A few tips to ride out the scourge of horsetail

OUR GARDEN NIRVANA here on the Peninsula has been shattered by the omnipresent horsetail. I get this question all the time, and my answer is… Continue reading

ANDREW MAY: Here’s a baker’s dozen ways to prettify your yard

HERE WE ARE in the first weekend of my favorite month. (It just sounds so good!) Since this is the month for flowers (think April… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Get in gear for May Day with bulb upkeep

TOMORROW IS MY absolute favorite holiday of the year, and with the arrival of the new month, April showers are definitely going to produce a… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to pruning

WHILE I’VE BEEN severely trimming down various plants these past few weeks, the gasps (along with horrified looks from homeowners and neighbors alike) have been… Continue reading

ANDREW MAY: Don’t rush to checkout line with summer-type plants; instead, pinch, prune

THREE DIFFERENT CONCERNS and/or horticultural alarm bells went off last week, so I thought I’d make this triad a time-appropriate garden column. First, and as… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Plan for the whole yard with this varied list of options

APRIL MARCHES ON, and so does your garden chore list. We’re now in the time to plant, plant, plant, but what to plant? That’s truly… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: From the ground up, soil critical for garden’s foundation

HERE WE ARE, already two days into April, the month that really kicks up the gardening work. With that said, I realize it has been… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Mulch away to achieve a weed-free yard

I JUST REALIZED that in the past 12 days, I have spread 63 yards of mulch around four clients’ yards (not today, though; I ran… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Plan and plant away to your heart’s desire on Peninsula

AS I’VE MENTIONED before, our weather here is never hot nor cold and is extremely mild. The most important fact to glean is that for… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: A varied to-do list for pestilence prevention, pruning, etc.

THE YARD, WEED, bulbs and plants are leaping into spring, so here comes a much-needed to-do list for March. 1. Pestilence prevention. Now is the… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Flower show gives attendees ‘Taste of Spring’

HAVING BEEN BORN near a 17-acre “greenhouse” to parents who both had a master’s degree in floriculture from Cornell College, it is easy to understand… Continue reading