PA council incumbents leading in their races

Meyer, Miller, Carr ahead in first two ballot counts

PORT ANGELES — Three incumbents on the Port Angeles City Council — Brendan Meyer, Amy Miller and Navarra Carr — were leading after the first two counts of ballots from Tuesday’s general election.

Voter turnout in Clallam County was 35.88 percent, or 20,359 ballots returned out of 57,359 issued registered voters. The next count will be by 5 p.m. today.

In the Position 5 race, Miller led challenger Jim Haguewood with 3,134 votes, or 54.38 percent, to 2,622 votes, or 45.5 percent. The race also attracted seven write-in votes.

“It is heartwarming. It already felt like I was a winner (on election night),” Miller said. “There was a lot of work given to my campaign. A lot of people put in a lot of time and effort.

“Some even made handmade signs. I thought, ‘This is so cool,’” she said.

Miller said people told her they registered to vote for the first time so they could vote for her.

Haguewood could not immediately be reached for comment.

Position 6

In the Position 6 race, Carr led challenger Mark Karjalainen with 3,221 votes, or 56.36 percent, to 2,488 votes, or 43.53 percent. The race also attracted six write-in votes.

“I found it really exciting,” Carr said. “I feel like we put in a lot of hard work, knocking on doors, talking with people, meeting with groups. It’s always really nice when people put in that hard work to see that rewarded.”

Carr noted after the initial count Tuesday that when she ran in 2019, she won the election by four votes after being 100 votes behind.

“So, I was thinking about that last night,” she said. “I started behind 100 votes and it got narrower and I ended up winning.

“Nothing’s over till it’s over, but I am confident about my lead,” Carr continued. “It’s nice not to be in that kind of limbo. This time is a little more decisive. It’s better than it being so nerve-wracking.”

Karjalainen could not immediately be reached for comment.

Position 7

In the Position 7 race, Deputy Mayor Meyer led challenger Kalli Mae Jones with 2,856 votes, or 51.99 percent, to 2,616 votes, or 47.62 percent. The race also attracted 21 write-in votes.

In an email response after the first ballot count, Meyer wrote: “I ran a non-partisan campaign, opting to run on my record and ideas for the future as opposed to seeking partisan endorsements. We’ll see if I can hold my lead while there are still 4,000 ballots left to be counted.

“But I’d definitely offer congratulations to my opponent for her strong showing, and thank all the candidates for stepping up to serve our community.”

Said Jones in an email: “I think a feeling of disappointment is obvious with the preliminary results. We run with hopes of changing our town (which by practically all measurable data points is declining).

“But, as the saying goes, ‘If nothing changes then nothing changes.’ I am thankful for the people who voted and who encouraged others to vote, I had fun running for the office, and am anxious to see the final results.”


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