Mike Acheson

ISSUES OF FAITH: Let the Holy Spirit guide you in all things

“WITH GOD, YOU are never alone.” If you are a Christian of any stripe you have probably heard this a hundred or more times. When… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: God is in the details when it comes to miracles

THE WHOLE IDEA of miracles is sometimes hard for us to wrap our minds around. Some of my favorite subjects to talk about or address… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: Invite Jesus into your life and heart with no regrets

IT IS GOOD Friday, and in two days, we celebrate the most important date on the Christian calendar: Easter. Paul tells us that our “faith… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: Let God work through you; it’s a win-win

ONE OF THE reasons I write this column, and I am probably not alone in this, is that I am trying to show and even… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: Everything comes down to love, grace, God

WE TALK ABOUT unity in our country or community, but this is just a word that makes a lot of people feel better in saying,… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: Catholic youth convention helps still restless hearts

I WAS BLESSED to be at a Catholic youth convention (CYC) on the Puyallup fairgrounds the weekend of Nov. 12-13. The column I wrote last… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: Examine your life for some equilibrium

Take a step back and forward can change our perspective in meaningful ways.

ISSUES IN FAITH: World Youth Day a lesson in trust, community

It’s natural to have high hopes for World Youth Day, but when they are exceeded, it’s humbling.