Joan Carson

BIRD WATCH: How a bird knows who it is

HOW DOES A bird know it is a particular species? The quick and easy answer is “instinct.” There is a bit more to it than… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Seems there’s a surprise around feeder almost every day

A SCUFFLE BETWEEN two birds called my attention to the ground under the feeder. Sibling rivalry. Two juvenile juncos were after sunflower seeds that had… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: When hummingbirds see red, it can create special bird moments

YOU CAN’T HAVE too much red color in your garden. I don’t mean flowers, even though I do love red flowers. I’m talking about objects… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Here’s the scoop on feeder activity

THIS IS THE month when black-headed grosbeaks and Western tanagers add their neotropical color to neighborhoods throughout the Northwest. If you can’t join in the… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Look to the skies for May’s migrants

BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDS IN Port Angeles, Western tanagers in Forks, black-headed grosbeaks in Port Orchard and uncommon sightings of chipping sparrows and Lincoln’s sparrows got the… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Surprising sights in the middle of the ‘big city’

CITIES, ESPECIALLY LARGE cities, aren’t my preferred habitat. Ever since I was hatched, the great outdoors is where I have wanted to be. Sometimes, you… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: In ‘Lost Battalion,’ hopes that a hero gets a proper salute

“CHER AMI AND the Lost Battalion” sounds like the title of a French movie. These words don’t bring visions of pigeons to mind unless you… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually

A FRIEND SENT me a newspaper clipping recently. It was from a newspaper in Alabama and carried an article I found interesting. It was primarily… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Birds’ simple songs signal season’s start

WHAT DO ROBINS, meadowlarks, orange-crowned warblers and Swainson’s thrushes have in common? These are birds whose songs are permanently etched in my memory banks. There… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Look to the skies to see who’s on the wing

“THE VULTURES ARE coming!” That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? At the least, it would make a good title for a science-fiction… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Spring winds provide easy power for migrant travelers overhead

MARCH WASN’T EXACTLY lamb-like when it was leaving, and I’m hoping April will forget about bringing showers. Not only was the month of March just… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Owls in toilets no laughing matter

HIKING AND TENT camping are not very tempting right now. The fact that you might drown in your tent isn’t very far-fetched, considering the amount… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Attacking male birds? Search for shiny objects

WELL, IT’S BEGUN. Despite all the rain and cold weather, the robins have determined that it is spring and time to start a family. First… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Newsletters give the skinny on whooping, sand cranes

A SHORT WHILE ago, one of my favorite newsletters arrived in the mail. This isn’t a monthly or even a bimonthly publication. “Grus Americana” is… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Swallows wing their way to Peninsula too early

THE SWALLOWS ARE supposed to return in March and April. Birds don’t always do what we expect them to do. Reports of swallow sightings began… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Tempers erupt among yard’s bushtits

DAYS ARE GETTING longer and temperatures are rising just a little. It won’t be long before the return of spring is in many creatures’ minds.… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: ‘Flicka-flicka-flicka’ heralds flicker’s house-hunting, mating

ONE OF THE most attractive and fascinating birds to visit our feeders is the Northern flicker. They’re big and handsomely marked. When a flicker lands… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: ‘Last chance’ for eagle viewing coincides with month of Valentine’s

VALENTINES AND EAGLES are a strange combination, but in February, thoughts of both are in many minds. Bald eagles are thinking about nesting. It won’t… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Anna’s make their nest in winter

at least among the hummingbirds. A male Anna’s hummingbird has been making his presence known… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: ‘Wisdom’ lives on in albatross colony

A NEWSPAPER CLIPPING from Huntsville, Ala., contained some unexpected surprises. A reader moved to that area last year and has been on the lookout for… Continue reading