Joan Carson

BIRD WATCH: Waterfowl, shorebirds mingle at Fort Flagler

BLACK AND WHITE was the uniform of the day at Fort Flagler State Park. Hundreds of black brant geese stretched along the shoreline looking very… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Bird festivals take place every month

TRY GOOGLING, “BIRDING Festivals 2018 Washington,” and the first website at the top of the page that pops up, will be The organization, Audubon… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Hummingbirds are not alone in craving sugar

THERE IT WAS again. Another plum tree blossom floated past the kitchen window. It’s started. It happens every spring. As more flowering fruit trees burst… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Watch for more signs of spring

WHEN LONGING FOR spring and warmer weather, I watch for any sign that encourages me to believe things are improving. There’s no ignoring the birds… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Pied-billed grebes are small masters of camouflage

THE NEAREST LAKE or pond usually offers the opportunity to see a common bird, but a secretive one. Pied-billed grebes are among the smallest members… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Bird houses need to be repaired now

VALENTINE’S DAY WAS like a newspaper deadline date. There might be a few chocolates left in the heart-shaped boxes and flower bouquets still look lovely,… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Bald eagle sighting brings book memories

THERE IS NO ignoring a bald eagle flying through the front yard. Even more attention-getting is two eagles heading for the neighbor’s tall fir tree.… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Watch birds for signs of spring

DARK GRAY CLOUDS, pouring rain and gale force winds one minute; sunshine and blue skies the next. That’s a familiar winter weather day in Western… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Birds of a feather flock together

what do they have in common? They’re cousins. They are also among the most captivating members in the… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Tiny teal are eye-catching attraction

COMBINE A CLEAR, crisp winter day with an estuary’s quiet backwater, and you can almost always expect to see several green-winged teal. This smallest of… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Feed faithfully for best birding benefits

There are rewards for feeding birds. Yes, it gives us pleasure but that can vary in a variety of ways. Faithful feeding brings the best… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Remember to make, keep resolutions

THERE IS ALWAYS some looking back when a new year arrives. After perusing columns written for other New Year’s, this one stood out. I enjoyed… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Memories of bird counts past go by

THANKS TO “A Christmas Carol,” by Charles Dickens, the term “Christmas Past” was born. In its own way, the term illustrated that memories are an… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Remembering 50 years of birdwatching

WELL, DEC. 6 came and went. Rockets didn’t explode overhead and there were no champagne corks popping. I did remember what day it was —… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Finding migrating birds provides nice break

LARGE PONDS AND small lakes offer some of the best winter birding habitat. Sometimes the one lone bird you find is a surprise. On other… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Here comes the sun

IN LESS THAN three weeks we will turn the corner. If you have been reading this column for even a short time, you will know… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Weather ushers in some surprise visitors

SOME YEARS, THE population of sea ducks wintering on our protected waters is much less than others. This appears to occur during mild winters. That… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: As Thanksgiving looms, look to your feeders

“YOU HAVE A woodpecker!” My observant visitor was about to open the sliding glass door leading to the deck. There, on a newly hung lard/oatmeal… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Birds of a feather: How are they named together?

GROUPS OF BIRDS are mostly referred to as “flocks.” Other terms are also used but not as much. There are “gaggles” of geese and “murders”… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Rumpled ground gives clue in mole mystery

BIRD WATCH: Rumpled ground gives clue in mole mystery

GRAY SQUIRRELS AND cottontail rabbits are Penny Dog’s favorite prey. Perhaps prey isn’t the correct word, as she isn’t very happy if they stop running.… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Rumpled ground gives clue in mole mystery