Jennifer Jackson

Wii electronic bowling league a hit in Port Townsend

PORT TOWNSEND -- You don't need to rent shoes. You don't have to know how to fill out the score sheet. You don't even need… Continue reading

‘Life is so good’: Teacher, students revisit story

PORT TOWNSEND -- Teacher and author Richard Glaubman last week reminded a group of graduating seniors about their inspirational meeting many years ago with George… Continue reading

Blast from the past: Modelers put history on display with models of 1950s

PORT HADLOCK — Ask Les Walden where he was in the 1950s, and he doesn’t have to think long. "Right here, probably eating a hamburger,"… Continue reading

A song for Andy: Young musicians pay tribute to mentor Mackie

CHIMACUM -- The students in Karen Gambel's Chimacum Elementary School class were quietly working at their desks when the door opened. Heads came up, and… Continue reading

Bunker remnant of military presence at Fort Worden

Most are concrete gun emplacements that housed weapons never fired at enemy ships and became obsolete with the advent of the airplane in World War… Continue reading

What goes around . . . Free rides available on hand-cranked carousel

PORT TOWNSEND -- It's Rhododendron Festival week, and the carnival is in full swing, filling Memorial Field with the whir of motors, shouting voices and… Continue reading

High tech, hands-on: Museum makeover planned

PORT TOWNSEND -- One day, the Jefferson County Historical Society expects its museum will sport high tech electronics to tell the stories and hands-on activities… Continue reading

Jefferson giving circle awards first grant

PORT TOWNSEND -- Before April a year ago, some of the 13 women had never met each other. Most had ever heard of a "giving… Continue reading

They do windows: Home Crew keeps critter corrals clean

1All three are retired, but on Thursdays from September through April, they get up early, don rubber gloves and spend the morning cleaning homes. Called… Continue reading

Back to Basic: Korean War-era vets touch base with past

PORT TOWNSEND -- Tom Boone was working on his family's wheat farm in the Palouse. Don Young was working for Foss Tug and Towing in… Continue reading

Author/illustrator takes characters from real life

PORT TOWNSEND -- Once upon a time, in the far-off country of Massachusetts, there lived a librarian named Theresa. Theresa lived on a farm with… Continue reading

Getting started in the garden: Plant guru offers seeds of advice

PORT TOWNSEND -- It is a sunny day in early April, and Tinker Cavallero is on her knees, scooping out depressions in the dirt and… Continue reading

Presbyterian Women deliver gift baskets

PORT TOWNSEND -- The Easter bunny has come and gone, but on Wednesday, five baskets of goodies were delivered to the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program… Continue reading

Port Townsend man named Elk of the Year

PORT TOWNSEND -- Allen Anthony Ryan was only 5 years old the day he climbed the steps of the Catholic orphanage in Rochester, N.Y., and… Continue reading

The day Superman saved Port Townsend: It’s a small world for comic book collector

PORT TOWNSEND -- Superman flew to the rescue in Port Townsend in October 1988. At least, that's the story in that month's issue of Grant… Continue reading

Raising the roof: Pillars, roof trusses go up on new sanctuary

PORT TOWNSEND -- Construction of the new sanctuary at Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship reached new heights this week as three pairs of pillars and connecting… Continue reading

With strings attached: Centrum director makes debut

PORT TOWNSEND -- When he was in fifth grade, John MacElwee was shown a selection of string instruments and offered a choice: Did he want… Continue reading

Community Read author revisits Rainier year

PORT TOWNSEND -- Author Bruce Barcott brought three main characters from his book with him when he spoke last week at the Port Townsend High… Continue reading

Historical society receives $50,000 bequest from movie house historian

PORT TOWNSEND -- In 1906, an immigrant named H.S. Levin took the money he earned hauling rubble out of San Francisco after the earthquake and… Continue reading

Jefferson County group takes over house museum

PORT TOWNSEND -- The Jefferson County Historical Society became the official manager of the Commanding Officer's Quarters at Fort Worden State Park in a brief… Continue reading