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THE PENINSULA'S BIGGEST source of water pollution? Storm water. When rain falls on forests and meadows, trees and plants take up moisture. Roots slow the… Continue reading


DIANA SOMERVILLE’S ACT LOCALLY: Spilling the beans on veggie gardens

NO PROBLEM GROWING healthy organic veggies for Bill Klover. After he retired from farming in Eastern Washington, scaling back to raised bed building, planting and… Continue reading


DIANA SOMERVILLE’S ACT LOCALLY COLUMN: Back to the future — with compost

"I WAS RAISED composting," says Mary-Alice Boulter, touring her Port Angeles garden, "but when the city offered a composting workshop, I figured I could always… Continue reading


DIANA SOMERVILLE’S ACT LOCALLY: Learning from Mother Nature

MOTHER NATURE PUTS on her dazzling best on the North Olympic Peninsula. Glacier-kissed mountains and old-growth forests, rain forests, estuaries, rivers, streams and marine ecosystems… Continue reading

ACT LOCALLY: Farmers give insight on ‘menu for the future’

"FOR ME, IT was the black beans," said Robin Mills. She, her husband and daughters ages 2 and 4, eat them often. "The kitchen's not… Continue reading

Environmental issues column by Diana Somerville — “An army of home-grown solutions”

AS WE BECOME more aware of the ways our lives intertwine, the notion of winners and losers grows irrelevant. Choosing sides doesn’t solve today’s complex… Continue reading

ACT LOCALLY: What we do to our planet

"SEEMS LIKE THEY'VE upped the ante for awareness," my friend moaned, with mock exhaustion. Ecologically savvy, Mary recycles and shops locally. She cooks healthful meals… Continue reading

DIANA SOMERVILLE COLUMN: Deciding what our world is worth

ON THE SEATTLE ferry last week, I was excited to see that if you buy a large coffee, it's $2.50. With your own large travel… Continue reading

DIANA SOMERVILLE COLUMN: Always a good time to plant a tree

"YOU SHOULD PLANT a tree for every year you're alive," my grandfather told me. "It's a way to say thanks to the Earth." Autumn was… Continue reading