Cameron Sheppard

Legislature promotes timber industry’s carbon reduction

Legislation would make sector more competitive amid carbon-emission fees


Senate Republicans propose alternative solutions to Washington’s homelessness crisis

Republican senators pitched their own ideas to address Washington state’s homelessness crisis following the supplemental budgets unveiled by Democratic lawmakers this week. On… Continue reading

State House passes bill to expand court-ordered gun confiscation

Measure would apply to those subject to vulnerable adult protection orders

Advisory votes on tax increases under fire

State senators claim they confuse voters, use biased language

Democrat-controlled state house passes clean fuels bill over opposition

Proponents point to helping environment, new jobs; opponents see gas price increase

Armed 2nd Amendment supporters rally at Capitol

Armed 2nd Amendment supporters rally at Capitol

100 gun-rights activists march in opposition to regulation bills

Armed 2nd Amendment supporters rally at Capitol

Lawmakers back timber industry as way to reduce state’s carbon emissions

Forestry advocates: 8 million acres of private forests offset 12 percent of state’s carbon emissions

Lawmakers hear pitch to replace gas tax with per-mile fee

Transportation officials recommend 10-year transition

Lawmakers aim to put sweeping regulations on the vaping industry

Legislation requested by the governor’s office and supported by Democratic senators aims to ban flavored nicotine vaping products and impose sweeping regulations on… Continue reading