Letter to the Editor

LETTER: There he goes again

Last Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced that his administration was once again canceling federal student loans for 153,000 borrowers. As he stated, “Folks, I’m happy… Continue reading


LETTER: GOP propaganda

Think back, if you can, to the days after 9/11. You could not find an American flag to buy. The country was united, the likes… Continue reading


LETTER: Sleeper

Sometimes, when reviewing Joe Biden’s actions since becoming president, I wonder whether he has the best interests of America at heart. For instance, his cancellation… Continue reading


LETTER: Tax Aide volunteers

There have been many heart-rending stories of Peninsula citizens donating personal resources to their communities during the pandemic. One group deserving equal recognition is the… Continue reading

LETTERS: Choose another mayor

It is my understanding that the council elects a mayor from among its membership. My questions are: Why did the council elect William Armacost as… Continue reading

LETTERS: Not a Republican

In these politically charged and unsettled times we are in, I’ve chosen a new way to introduce myself. “Hello, I’m John King, and I’m a… Continue reading

LETTERS: Allegiance misplaced

Let me preface my remarks by saying I’m a former Republican for over 30 years and retired military officer. As a member of the armed… Continue reading