PAT NEAL: Fishing’s lean but bird-watching’s keen

The coho seem to be running strong just across that imaginary line that marks the boundary of the recreational paradise we call Canada — but not here, they say.

Forks fans often lend helping hands

Forks fans often lend helping hands

“It’s like tourism with an additional purpose,” City Attorney Rod Fleck said.

Forks fans often lend helping hands

PAT NEAL: Meeting challenges of hunting season

Once you get your hunting rifle sighted in, keep it locked up far away from loved ones and hunting buddies.

LETTER: National Park Service should be embarrassed over paltry number of fish in Elwha

It’s been three years since the Glines Canyon and Elwha dams were removed, and the NPS is touting 16 fish in an area where there should be many more.

LETTER: Wage hike initiative all about fairness

Despite what a recent letter writer thinks, salary hikes are needed in today’s economy.

LETTER: Unsure whether to vote for Trump

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you decide.

PAT NEAL: Eating crow about Elwha salmon

It was a regrettable lapse in my search for truth that allowed me to question the salmon’s ability to swim up the Elwha once the dams were taken out.

LETTER: Could dams have prevented Port Angeles water shortage?

If lakes Aldwell and Mills hadn’t disappeared, would we still have restrictions?

LETTER: Don’t miss out on the obvious when it comes to fluoride

Are double-blind studies really needed where such a wealth of experience indicates its benefits elsewhere?

LETTER: Donald Trump’s candidacy exposes what’s worst about GOP

He gets an F in everything but what conservatives secretly value most.

LETTER: Kaepernick’s actions shameful in view of top treatment

He dishonors the flag under which he and fellow black players earn millions of dollars.

LETTER: Snake oil salesmen live on in Trump

The Republican presidential candidate guarantees to solve all our problems — but how?

LETTER: For what’s wrong with American, look no further than the media

Accurate reporting would help stem the corruption and malfeasance that plague the U.S.

LETTER: Coward who hurled insults at gay Port Angeles couple not welcome here

We’ll be watching out for our neighbors, who were harassed by someone who clearly doesn’t reflect the values we love.

LETTER: Habitat for Humanity’s hiatus from Forks a looming shame

I fear its two-year break will lead money intended for it to eventually be spent elsewhere.

LETTER: Legislative district hopeful’s comment on voters league reflect misinformation

George Vrable equating the League of Women Voters with a racist, right-wing faction is not someone I want representing me.

LETTER: Vote for Randy Johnson for Clallam commissioner

He’s able to intelligently handle a wide array of information and taken into account other points of view.

LETTER: Clallam commissioner hopefuls’ talk on carbon tax encouraging

Initiative 732 research indicates the measure would net benefits for Nippon Paper Industries USA.

LETTER: Help get big money out of politics

Vote yes this November on Initiative 735.

LETTER: Hospital tacks on sticker-shocking bill

Is the future of health care where the hospital charges you to use the doctor’s office?