LETTER: Legislative district hopeful’s comment on voters league reflect misinformation

George Vrable equating the League of Women Voters with a racist, right-wing faction is not someone I want representing me.

LETTER: Vote for Randy Johnson for Clallam commissioner

He’s able to intelligently handle a wide array of information and taken into account other points of view.

LETTER: Clallam commissioner hopefuls’ talk on carbon tax encouraging

Initiative 732 research indicates the measure would net benefits for Nippon Paper Industries USA.

LETTER: Help get big money out of politics

Vote yes this November on Initiative 735.

LETTER: Hospital tacks on sticker-shocking bill

Is the future of health care where the hospital charges you to use the doctor’s office?

LETTER: Have fluoridation issues finally caught up with us?

I’ve seen more dental advertisements in Port Angeles recently than in the past 10 years.

LETTER: Minimum wage hike would lead to economic disaster

Vote against Initiative 1433 to absolve the “general consequences.”

LETTER: Homeless encampments no simple issue

As Seattle is displaying, complications arise, and solutions can present themselves only with commitment.

LETTER: ‘Hillary’s America’ a dire prediction

The outlook if Clinton is elected is grim indeed.

LETTER: Clallam Superior Court hopefuls differ greatly on veterans court

It’s obvious that Brian Coughenour has no idea of the county’s vast veteran population.

LETTER: Hospital commissioner’s presumption of judgement invalidates his argument

In talking about Commissioner Mike Chapman, Jim Leskinovitch abdicates his duty to reserve bias.

LETTER: Port Townsend councilman should have done his homework on homeless encampments

The Affordable Housing Action Group picks up a great deal of the slack during the summer.

LETTER: Vote for Randy Johnson for Clallam County commissioner

A recent letter writer saw conspiracies where there were none.

LETTER: Addressing roots of homelessness key to resolving issues

We need to help reduce it, not just manage it, in Jefferson County and beyond.

LETTER: Kaepernick critic misses the bigger picture

The 49ers quarterback is exercising his right to free speech in protesting the victimization of black people.

LETTER: A suggestion for Trump on tax returns

He should release just the first three pages so we can get a better idea of his returns.

LETTER: It’s imperative to vote in this year’s election

If you sit this one out, we could end up with a Trump presidency, which would be disastrous.

LETTER: Status quo in politics is unsustainable

We need to elect people who will actually make a difference in our lives.

LETTER: Want to distinguish what’s profanity? Here’s how

I go by what my mother taught me in pre-adolescence 65 years ago.

LETTER: Homeownership is a gift that keeps on giving

Despite a recent column on the “misplaced faith” of homeownership, buying a home is a sound investment.