LETTER: Wage hike initiative all about fairness

Despite what a recent letter writer thinks, salary hikes are needed in today’s economy.

The price of goods and services has risen, and multiple jobs are the norm to the reduction of full-time employment and benefits.

It has been suggested that workers should have the “freedom to choose to work for less” (“Against wage hike,” Peninsula Voices, Sept. 15).

This let-them-eat-cake economics, reminiscent of another era, leads to chaos.

As globalization hemorrhages jobs to foreign countries, the suggested tariffs on imported goods will be borne by consumers already struggling with a stagnant minimum wage.

It is economic naivete to believe that corporate benevolence would result from freedom to choose to work less and that prices would decline and jobs would remain as a result.

Less money to spend drives the economy down.

Initiative 1433 [to raise the statewide minimum wage to $13.50 an hour] is not liberal or conservative.

Rather, it is fair and the right thing to vote for.

Roger B. Huntman,