LETTER: Yes, obviously Cruz is a Democratic Party plant

A recent letter to the editor blew his cover in subverting Donald Trump’s candidacy.

An earth-shattering, eye-popping, head spinning, neck-snapping revelation!

Secret Agent 000 — obviously badly needing a long, long break from intense Cruz case investigation — disclosed in an Aug. 21 PDN letter to the editor that Cruz “as a candidate was a Democratic Party plant.”

Maybe this leak shocked more than Cruz conservatives? Democrats?

What other conclusion makes sense after Ted Cruz, as Texas’ solicitor general, drafted the amicus brief for the “landmark victory” in District of Columbia v. Heller, in which the U.S. Supreme Court nullified the D.C. handgun ban violating our Second Amendment?

Everybody knows Cruz is the obvious Dem plant to subvert Trump’s candidacy because Dems never miss a chance to destroy our birthright and constitutional right to armed self-defense. Do they?

And in our U.S. Supreme Court, because Cruz fought and won for the constitutionality of keeping the Ten Commandments on a Texas state capitol monument, Cruz could only have represented the Democrat objective of protecting religious liberty.

Democrats constantly fight to protect America’s sovereignty and our Constitution from international interference. Right?

So, in another Supreme Court decision (Medellin v. Texas), because Cruz advocated on behalf of successfully defeating the United Nation’s effort to subordinate American law to U.N. dominance, clearly Cruz must be a Dem operative.

Concerning Agent 000’s falsehood, Cruz is “ ‘not legally qualified to be president,’ ” the U.S. Supreme Court justices declined to hear an appeal of a lower court’s ruling that Cruz is a citizen.

Finally, a surefire giveaway is Cruz’s 21-hour 2013 filibuster against Obamacare. Yep, Cruz is a Dem plant.

Dems and Cruz, you better confess.

Agent 000 just blew your cover.

Let’s see the real red face.

Dan Shotthafer,

Port Angeles