LETTER: Vote for Randy Johnson for Clallam commissioner

He’s able to intelligently handle a wide array of information and taken into account other points of view.

I have known Clallam County commissioner candidate Randy Johnson and his wife, Carol, for a number of years.

I met Carol when I first moved to Washington in 1997.

She helped run the Clallam County Fair and taught my daughter to ride.

Shortly thereafter, I met Randy.

I’ve had the good fortune to work closely with him on the Dream Playground project in Port Angeles and on the board of directors of the Clallam County YMCA and its finance committee.

During the time I spent with Randy, he has shown a deep understanding of complex financial issues.

He has worked with budgeting, acquisitions of properties and operations, and routine and extraordinary expenditures as well as the application of laws and regulations.

I have seen him demonstrate the knack of explaining those issues in a manner intelligible to a broad range of listeners.

While I worked with him, he has uniformly been aware of the long- and short-term consequences of his decisions.

One of the things most appealing about Randy is the fact that he is an excellent listener. We didn’t always agree, but he always gave my view serious consideration.

I strongly recommend that you consider Randy Johnson for our next county commissioner.

Steven M. Charno,

Port Angeles